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All of our products are designed and crafted in a small island southeast of Europe, called Cyprus, in the city of Paphos.

Our clothes are made in Leonie’s atelier and our lace are enriched by hand with feathers and beads.

Τα προιόντα μας σχεδιάζονται και κατασκευάζονται σε ένα μικρό νησί νοτιοανατολικά της Ευρώπης την Κύπρο και συγκεκριμένα στην επαρχία Πάφου .Ολα τα προιόντα ειναι φτιαγμένα στο ατελιέ μας και οι δανδέλες μας είναι εμπλουτισμένες στο χέρι με φτερά και χάντρες. Έμπνευση μας είναι η κάθε γυναίκα να νιώθει ξεχωριστή και μοναδική


Who We Are

Following your dream makes you creative, loving what you do will bring you the inspiration


It's wonderful to create clothes from the beginning, there is the magic of how a pattern of yourself, a drawing, beggins to exist, to touch it, wear it, to create it exactly as you desire.


In order to create clothes you have to sacrifice a lot of hours even days, organzes and lace are embroidered with pearls, beads and feathers so as to be unique.

Clear and simple lines with romantic characteristics in order to show off your female side.


My scope is to feel creative every single day. 

To finish my day, learn and do new things. 


Become what you are drawing to

LEONIE KLEOVOULOU ,our Founder & Creative director  

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